Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WOW...it's been a while

A LONG while!

So how is everyone?  

There has been a LOT going on in the life of Miss Imperfect, not all good, but not all bad either. 

Although, this is pretty bad, I have the stomach flu, YUCK. I feel awful, I hate it.  PLUS everyone s
ays, "Oh drink Gatorade, it will make you feel better!" YEAH RIGHT. I don't know what it is, but Gatorade makes me sick. I know its supposed to help, but it just makes me feel 10 times worse.  So I've had to call in to work (My new job for which Im still in training for) Which will probably screw me, but I cant be there, I cant go in and be running to the restroom every 10 minutes. 

But ANYWAY, I am currently sipping on some warm ginger ale (gross I know), munching on some saltines, and watching the Golden Girls.  Fun times for Miss Sickypoo. 

I was planning on doing a "How I curl my super thin hair" tutorial, but as Im sick, that's not going to be happening. =(

Well I hope everyone is doing well, and that no one else has this nasty bug thats going around!!! 

Plus, let me know your opinions on what you would like to see on Miss Imperfect, it would be very much appreciated!!!! 


Have a great Day!