About me!

Hello Everyone!

So first off, a lot of the time I get asked why I named this blog Miss Imperfect, and to answer that question: I am a Miss and I am Imperfect.  That is pretty much the simplest explanation for it.

I am 22 Years old. woot woot.

Pink is my Favorite color.  Purple is a close second.

I have 6 siblings.  Older and younger, Brothers and sisters.

I LOVE music, so there will be a lot of Music posts on here.

I Love Makeup. A LOT. So there will be reviews and hauls and giveaways.

I love my friends and family. Without them I wouldn't be who I am.  My baby brothers are my babies, if you mess with them be prepared to deal with me.

I have a mouth like a sailor.  Seriously, it's bad.  I need to learn to watch it, and I really am,. So if I slip just leave a comment and tell me to watch my mouth. =)

My mom is my role model.  Without her I wouldn't be the person I am today.  We may argue, and I might not always agree with her, but she is always there for me.  I love my mom.  If I turn out to be half the woman and mother she is I will be happy.

If you want to know more about Miss Imperfect just ask, and I'll be happy to answer!!!