Thursday, March 31, 2011


Wooooo Hooo!

I love Coupons, anything that can help save me money so I can shop more. Haha.

elfonomics - be beautiful for less. In today's economy why pay more? Shop e.l.f. cosmetics for Affordable Makeup.

   1. Right Now elf cosmetics is offering free shipping with any order over $15.  If you haven't heard of elf you HAVE to visit their website, most of their products are only $1.00!! I LOVE their products, I do have a few of their studio products that can be $3 to $5 as well.  Just go to their WEBSITE and go ahead and shop.  When you have at least $15 enter the coupon code WINSHIP. TIME LIMIT: 24 Hours only!!!

  2. elf is also having a sale on their mineral makeup, 50% off on orders over $25.00
           A)Add Mineral products of choice to shopping bag with a minimum order value of $25.
           B)Enter coupon code 50MIN at checkout to receive 50% off Mineral products.
           C)Cannot be combined with other offers or applied to previous purchases.
           D)Offer expires on April 4, 2011. Maximum discount $100.

 3. A GREAT site is HauteLook.  What it is is name brand stuff being sold at a
discount.  They do Have time limits, most sales go for 2 to 3 days.  They have everything form get aways, to stuff for the home, to clothing, to books, to makeup, to mens stuff, and MUCH more,  they have a little bit of everything.  It you want to check out HauteLook you can CLICK HERE!!! 

Thats All I have for now!  If I get more I will post them! Have a great day and Happy Shopping!! 

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Red Hair!

Woot Woot!! My hair is now RED. 

It's got a bit of a Purpleish hue to it, but it is Red. It is also still drying, so I guess I'll see when it dries completely!

Also! A couple of hair dying tips! 

   1. Putting Vaseline around your hairline will make it so the hair dye doesn't stick.  When you're done just wipe it off!

   2. Cigarette ash can help remove hair dye from hands, face, ears, and anywhere else you may get it.

   3. Before you use the conditioner wring your hair out a little, it will make the conditioner more effective.

   4. Before you buy your dye make sure to check if it's permanent or semi permanent. 

   5. Conditioning your hair two to three days before dying can help keep it moisturized. 

   6. Using products for dyed hair after you dye can help keep the color vibrant and and shiny.

   7. All hair color types, except permanent can be removed by washing. 

   8. DO NOT dye your hair blonde if you have dyed it red or have a natural red base, it WILL turn a coppery orange color ( I know from experience!) If you want to go from red to blonde it is always best to see a colorist. 

   9. If you want to remove hair color at home it is always best to talk with a colorist before you do it!

   10. Make sure that you don't dye your hair to frequently, it can REALLY dry it out. 

Oh!! Also, check out Operation Repo on TruTV tonight!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Gah, isn't it just my luck that I get sick on a Friday.

Okay, I guess thats not really fair, seeing as I've been sick most of the week, but oh well.  There is something going around and unfortunately I have caught it. BOOOOO, **Sad face**

On another note, It is 9:54 am, and instead of doing something productive, like, oh I don't know Cleaning, or doing laundry, or SLEEPING, or dying my hair (because it seriously needs it.) I am watching The Golden Girls.  not that Im knocking the Golden Girls, because I love this show, but all I can think about is my nice big comfortable bed just begging to be slept on.

Until I finally decide what to do I am alternately watching Golden Girls and listening to the wonderful, gorgeous Mike Posner.

Who knows, I might even go REALLY wild and make some breakfast, or would it be lunch? hmmm, I'll just call it Brunch.

Anyway, time to shove off.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Mike Posner! 

If you don't know who Mike Posner is, he is a Singer, Songwriter, and Producer. And he is SEXY. His debut album, 31 Minutes to Takoff was released on August 10, 2010.  There are 3 singles from that album, Cooler Than Me, Please Don't Go, and Bow Chicka Wow Wow (My favie) 

 In July 2009, Posner signed a deal with J Records (RCA/Sony). He chose to return to Duke after signing his record deal, and toured on the weekends while at the same time recording for his debut album. 

I think he is amazing!  He has such an amazing, sexy voice and he seems like a really good guy.  I've seen quite a few of his interviews and they make me laugh.  He will talk really softly for a few minutes and then it sounds like he is yelling. haha. But oh well, He is still Sexy. 

This Is Bow Chicka Wow Wow. In an interview he was talking about his friends adding this to their "mood setting" Music.  He says it's weird, "If You Know Me, You Shouldn't be doing your thing to my voice."  HAHA.

Save Your Goodbye is perfection.  The music, the lyrics, and his voice are just perfect.  

Let me just say, there are times when you go out and buy a CD and will listen to one song and then skip a few, and listen to another and only end up liking 4 or 5 songs.  That is NOT the case with 31 Minutes to Takeoff.  It is an great album, and he has a beautiful voice. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mister Brian Puspos

For those of you who have seen Americas Best Dance Crew on MTV You might know Brian Puspos.  He was on the second season with SoReal Cru. Who SHOULD have won.

From that you know this man is an AMAZING dancer, but what you might not have known is that he can also sing.  like SING sing.  He is an amazing singer, and I am sure that I have watched this video at least 50 times, and melted every time. lol.

I find him so talented, and gorgeous. And the fact that he can sing AND dance just ups his hot quotient to me. lol.

You can tell he is aching to dance though. lol.  And his hand movements make me laugh.

If you've never seen Brian dance you can check out this video:

He is the one in the middle, in the Blue beanie. :-)

ENJOY! :-)


Hi everyone!!

A Few things about me to get started:

I am 21 years old 

PINK is my favorite color.  Purple is a close second. 

I have 6 siblings, Older and younger. 

I LOVE music.  So there will be a lot of music posts on here.  

I LOVE makeup.  

I love my friends and family.

My Mom is my role model. If I turn out to be half the woman and mother she is I will be happy. 

I have a mouth like a sailor, and I need to learn to watch it.

That's about it for now! :)