Yummy Yummy Chex Mix!
Ok, So I LOVE Chex Mix, the homemade kind, Im not really a fan of the kind in the bag.  Im just Picky. Lol But here is my Chex Mix Recipe:

What You’ll Need:
Roasting Pan
Butter or Margerine
Corn Chex Cereal
Rice Chex Cereal
Wheat Chex Cereal
Nuts (I use Cashews)
Worcestershire Sauce
Garlic Powder
Seasoning Salt

1.     1.   Preheat your oven to 250.

2.       2. Put one or two sticks of butter in your roasting pan.  I use two because I always make a little extra, if I don’t it is gone by the time its finished cooking because I have vultures that eat it every time I take it out of the oven to stir it. Lol But I would use one or one and a half. Lol.

3.      3. Melt the Butter.

4.       4. Next I add a tsp of Seasoning Salt and Garlic Powder and Mix it together.

5.      5. I add two tbsp. of Worcestershire Sauce and mix together again.

6.       6. When I add the Chex I add a cup of each at the time.  And I mix them together.

7.       7. That is all my checks all pretty and mixed together.
8.       8. Next I add the nuts and the pretzels, and Mix together, try to make sure that everything is coated.
9.       9. Put it in the oven and cook for an hour stirring every 15 minutes.
10.   10. I normally taste it after 30 minutes, and so does everyone else.  Make sure that it is seasoned enough for your liking.  A lot of the time we add another tsp of both seasoning salt and garlic powder.

11.   This is how it looks when it is done cooking.  All pretty and delicious. lol



I Love mac and cheese, and one day I decided to try to make it on the stove.  I like to bake it, but I was in a hurry and we were hungry. lol.

What You'll Need:

Elbow Macaroni (You can use a different kind if you dont want elbows)
2 Bags of shredded cheese (You can use whatever kind you want.  I use Colby Jack and some taco blend.)


The first thing you want to do is boil your Macaroni.

While that is boiling put a cup of cheese in a pan and start to melt it. I cook it on medium.
I keep adding cheese until the bottom of the pan is covered with a cheesy sauce.  Also, if your cheese melts to fast you can add a little milk(or water) to help it stir easier and so it doesn't burn.  

When the Macaroni finishes cooking I pour it in with the cheese.

And then I stir it all together. Of course I add more cheese. lol.

And then I serve it! :-) We love it!!!

If you are not a big fan of cheese you can use just one bag. We are all big cheese fans so I use two whenever I make this.  It is a little bit messy when you try to put it into the bowl, so just be careful.  :-)

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