Friday, March 25, 2011


Gah, isn't it just my luck that I get sick on a Friday.

Okay, I guess thats not really fair, seeing as I've been sick most of the week, but oh well.  There is something going around and unfortunately I have caught it. BOOOOO, **Sad face**

On another note, It is 9:54 am, and instead of doing something productive, like, oh I don't know Cleaning, or doing laundry, or SLEEPING, or dying my hair (because it seriously needs it.) I am watching The Golden Girls.  not that Im knocking the Golden Girls, because I love this show, but all I can think about is my nice big comfortable bed just begging to be slept on.

Until I finally decide what to do I am alternately watching Golden Girls and listening to the wonderful, gorgeous Mike Posner.

Who knows, I might even go REALLY wild and make some breakfast, or would it be lunch? hmmm, I'll just call it Brunch.

Anyway, time to shove off.

Have a great day!


  1. Hello, I hope you're feeling better today and I love the Golden Girls too! Anyway I'm here from the Weekend Blog Hop and you're newest follower. You're going to get a lot of new followers because you have an interesting blog and it looks'll see. I hope you'll come visit and follow me too, so we can be blogging friends, okay? Thanks and have a great weekened!

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