Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Red Hair!

Woot Woot!! My hair is now RED. 

It's got a bit of a Purpleish hue to it, but it is Red. It is also still drying, so I guess I'll see when it dries completely!

Also! A couple of hair dying tips! 

   1. Putting Vaseline around your hairline will make it so the hair dye doesn't stick.  When you're done just wipe it off!

   2. Cigarette ash can help remove hair dye from hands, face, ears, and anywhere else you may get it.

   3. Before you use the conditioner wring your hair out a little, it will make the conditioner more effective.

   4. Before you buy your dye make sure to check if it's permanent or semi permanent. 

   5. Conditioning your hair two to three days before dying can help keep it moisturized. 

   6. Using products for dyed hair after you dye can help keep the color vibrant and and shiny.

   7. All hair color types, except permanent can be removed by washing. 

   8. DO NOT dye your hair blonde if you have dyed it red or have a natural red base, it WILL turn a coppery orange color ( I know from experience!) If you want to go from red to blonde it is always best to see a colorist. 

   9. If you want to remove hair color at home it is always best to talk with a colorist before you do it!

   10. Make sure that you don't dye your hair to frequently, it can REALLY dry it out. 

Oh!! Also, check out Operation Repo on TruTV tonight!!!


  1. Oh, good for you. I love dyeing my hair read. Well I love having someone else do it. Last time I dyed my hair read on my own, my bathroom looked like a crime scene.
    Stopping by via Traveling hop

  2. Haha, I have to put towels down everywhere when I do it at home. Or else my bathroom looks like a crime scene too.

    Oh and I never let a boyfriend do it, the last time I did that he managed to A) Use the whole bottle, B) get it all over my neck and ears and C) SOMEHOW MISSED A WHOLE SECTION OF HAIR! And my hair wasn't long. A little bit longer than shoulder length, so I have no Idea how he managed to use the whole bottle and yet still miss a big chunk of hair.

    Oh Well :)

  3. Another tip - if you are blond - don't dye your hair black for Halloween - not even the 7 day color stuff - it doesn't wash out!!!!!!! I know this from experience as well

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