Friday, April 20, 2012

Mos Wanted Crew!

Hey everyone!

So I don't know if anyone watches ABDC, but if you don't... you should. =)

And whether you do or not... You should Check out Mos Waned Crew! =) I love them... Seriously. ♥

They are AMAZING.

10 fresh dancers and choreographers representing 30 different crews from Southern California to Houston to Chicago, Mos Wanted Crew can be considered the All Star team of the dance, choreography culture!!

This is their first performance on Americas Best Dance Crew, and they're doing it up to In the Ayer by Flo Rida.

They were the last crew to go on and even JC said that they saved the Best for Last! =)

Now when they say Mos Wanted it's about what they want most.  Dance.  They put their hearts into dance, it's their passion. They strive to be successful in dance, and they give it their all to make it work.  Its was what they want most. You can see that they put their all into it just by watching them, both as a group and as individuals.

I mean Seriously..

You can't watch this and tell me he didnt put his heart into this. You can see it on his face and in his movements. This is his passion, his love.

Or this. I love how they are all goofing off, but you can see them go serious when they start. =)


Or this... Lando!! =)

And of course the Black & Yellow release:

Sorry About the video overload! =) There were a few more I was going to post.... But I figured I should stop.  I just figured that if you watched the videos it would do more than me trying to explain it... I could if you wanted me to though! =)

(And yes, My Puspos addiction is still going strong, but that's not the reason I love Mos Wanted....... Not the only reason ;) )

NOW my question for YOU is....................


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