Monday, April 9, 2012

Movie Reviews!!! =)

Hello there Lovely! How are you??

Me, I'm afraid I'm running a bit behind! I've seen a few movies in the past few weeks and I still havent posted my thoughts! One of them is The Hunger Games, which some of you may remember I went to the midnight showing of! So even though it's a little late, here is my review! Along with a few other reviews. =) =) =)

The Hunger Games:

Alright, so because I read the book I had very high expectations of this movie! And I'm happy to say..... It met all of them.  Sure parts of it were a little different, and they cut a few things out, but they had to or the movie would have been to long.  Plus the things they cut out were no big deal really. Parts of it were sad, especially one particular part.  My cousin and I both cried. It was a very very good movie, and I was very happy with it! My one dislike...... Now I have to wait for the second one. =)

21 Jump Street:

This was a movie that my nephew and I both wanted to see, so I took him for his birthday and we both loved it!!! Sure, there were a few dumb parts, but that was kind of expected.  It was funny for the most part, and we both laughed.  =) =) OH and Jonah Hill, awesome! And with the short hair he's looking pretty good. =) ;)

Titanic in 3D:

So I'm a huge Titanic fan, so of course once I heard they were going to release it in 3D I KNEW I was going to see it.  First let me say it was AWESOME! I loved it in 3D, it was just awesome to watch.  Now.... I guess I forgot how LONG that movie was (even though I have it)... Because about 2 hours in I was looking at my clock like, "WOW this thing is long!" OH and funny story, about halfway through the movie I went out to get snacks, and I noticed everything was looking funny, and I started getting funny looks...well... I lifted my hand and YEP I had forgotten to take the 3D glasses off... And I did it AGAIN when the movie ended! My friends were just cracking up. lol.  But ANYWAY.  Even though it is long, and my bum went numb, I am very glad that I went and saw it.  It was very cool to be able to watch it in 3D.  I probably wouldnt go again though, because I've seen it in 3D already, and it was just to long to be sitting in the theater.

American Reunion:

Ok, so this got mixed reviews.  A lot of people said it was awful, while a few said it was a pretty good movie. I LOVED IT! So did the friends that I went with! It was SO SO SO FUNNY. =) I also have to say that I own all of the other 7, so maybe I'm a little biased.  But I really did love it.  Some of the jokes were immature but come on, it's American Pie! What do you expect!?!? One of the best things about it was that it had the original cast, including Steve Stiffler (Sean William Scott), and he is HILARIOUS! Seriously, if you see it, wait for the cooler and jet ski scene, it is FUNNY. And we weren't the only ones laughing, the whole theater was, and there were quite a few people in there. =)

So, that's all for now. =)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

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