Monday, August 29, 2011

Super Duper EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so if you can't tell I am SO SO SO EXCITED!  And the reason I am so excited is because my sister and i are planning a trip to Europe!!

It is going to be a one month Vacation and we are going to hit 8 cities! it is going to be so amazing.  We are both like bouncing up and down in excitement.  The only thing is that this trip is like 2 years away. haha.

Yes, I said 2 years.  We want to be able to plan and save before we go, which we think is smart.  We want to know where we're going and what we are going to do before we just hop on a plane and go.  Plus we want to make sure we have money to enjoy it.

We want to go to Dublin, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Venice, and Rome.  So we might end up staying a little longer than a month, but only time will tell.

Has anyone ever taken a European Vacation?  Have you ever been to any of the places we would like to visit?  What would you do if you visited these places???

Let me know in the comments below!

Have a good day!! =D


  1. How freakin' exciting... We were stationed in Italy for 4 years... I have done most of those cities... you are gonna have a blast... Haven't done Berlin or Prague, but definitely on my bucket list.. bwahahahahaha... Just wanted to swing by and show some love... and let you know you are our featured co-host on Mommying On The Fly's Tag Back Tuesday... Welcome, and hope you get a ton of new followers.. I love my readers, and can't wit for them to swing over and show some <3 ... Happy Hopping...

  2. How exciting! I've never been to any of those places, but they are all on my list of places I want to see. My uncle goes to Germany and Austria every summer (and adding Czechoslovakia and Bolivia this year) to visit his foreign exchange students. Every year, I get more and more jealous because the photos he shows us are so gorgeous! I found you by way of Tag Back Tuesday, and can't wait to read more!

  3. I have never left the country. :( My sister however, studied in London for 3 months while in college. She loved it so much she wants to go back.

    Her site is and you can email her from there if you want ask her any questions.

    Visiting from Tag Back Tuesday. Have a Terrific Tuesday!

  4. Sounds wonderful! My sister and I want to cruise to the Med. with or without our husbands lol :)

  5. For Dublin - def. go to Trinity College and do a pub crawl and go to the famous Park theatre for a show.
    For Rome - go to the catacombs outside the city and eat eat eat!
    For Paris - def. go to the L'Orgerie (or something like that) art museum to see the monet waterlilly paintings in rooms with walls made jsut for those paintings...and eat eat eat here too esp. crepes. The museum D'Orsay is great too and maybe even try to eat at the eiffel tower restaurant.
    found you thru triple threat tue and hope u will check us out on twitter/ GFC/ FB too