Sunday, April 3, 2011

bh Cosmetics

This is a picture of the the bh Cosmetics 88 pallet, and this thing is AHHHHmazing.  I love mine.  This thing has almost every color you can imagine in it and more.  They don't smudge, they don't crease, and they stay really well.  

Buttercup yellows and rich reds, velvety lake blues and dramatic leaf greens highlight gorgeous eyes. Luminous golds, classy bronzes, and yummy plum colors make a fun fashion statement. Sassy turquoises and light mint greens bring glamour to another level.  

I ordered mine from ebay, so I can't really say how it is packaged and how it arrives.  But when I got mine 3 of my shadows were broken, a couple of the other colors were ruined by the broken pieces, but I still love the pallet. 

They also have the 88 pallets in other tones like shimmer, tropical shimmer, tropical matte, cool matte, cool shimmer and more.  Andthey all have different colors. They also have the 120 color pallets and they have 3 additions of that.

All in all I really do love it, I love the colors, how it doesn't smudge, and how well they stay.  Especially with an eyeshadow primer. 


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