Saturday, April 9, 2011

Super Sunday!

Hi Everyone!

Tomorrow is Sunday, which is just a reminder that work is coming back, but hey, at least its a day off. :)

Sunday is also a great day for blog hops!  Just relaxing on a Sunday and hopping blogs can be quiet a nice time! 

Lets get started with the Lets Get Social Sunday! 

Go ahead and link up and Have fun!! :-)

And Now.....

How I Curl my Hair!

I have VERY VERY VERY thin hair, and it DOES NOT hold a curl at all, it is SUCH a pain. So I have a couple of tricks I use to keep my hair nice and curly. :-)

First I spray my hair with a heat protectant spray and let it dry.  

Most of the time I use Hot Rollers, but sometimes if I have more time I use a curling iron.  So I heat my rollers up and put them in and leave them for 10 minutes. I try not to leave them in much longer than that. 

I take them out One by one, and after I take them out I twist it around my finger and use a bobby pin to pin it to my head.  I get laughed at for the way it looks, by hey I don't care, It works.

After I get them all pinned I spray hairspray ALL over it.  Then I leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes.  I normally put my makeup on during that time.  

Sometimes I use a hair drier over it for a couple seconds, but most of the time I skip that part. 

Next I take the Bobby Pins out of my hair.  VERY CAREFULLY, I try not to touch my hair after it falls free.  

When I get all of the bobby pins out I use the hairspray again.  LOTS of hairspray, try to make sure its not one that will make your hair hard or weigh it down to much. 

Voila!!! I have perfectly bouncy curls that last almost all day.  :-)  Sometimes if it's to windy they do loosen up a bit. :-)

Have a Great Sunday Everyone!! :-)


  1. I love how you curl your hair! My grandmother would do the same thing - curling with bobby pins & it worked like a charm! Will have to try since I have no curl at all.

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  2. I'm caught between curl and straight. One side of my head had waves and the other doesn't.

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  6. I have thin hair as well and used to do perms - except I hated how harsh they were on my hair and the smell OMG so I can sympathize with you-thanks for the styling tip :D

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    Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  8. I guess we always want what we do not have! I have curly hair but it has never been curly enough for my taste, luckily it straightens fairly easy.
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  19. My hair is just the same, very limp, fine and really difficult to do anything with. sometimes it looks okay and other days it's a mess!!

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  25. If you are looking for something quick, use rollers that you can sleep in. I use those every once in a while when I have to leave really early, My hair is so curly and last all day. I shake my hair, spray a little, and go.
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  26. I've done that!!! I love the way it comes out, hair looks so pretty!
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