Friday, May 6, 2011

JR Aquino!

Ok, so I dont know if any of you know who JR is, but in short he is a "youtube Celebrity". He is one of the singers and he is great!  There are a few songs that he does covers of that I like MORE than the original.  He is also the one that did the duet with Brian Puspos in one of my earlier posts.  This is a video of one of his acoustic melodies, Brian Puspos is in this one with him, He dances to one song and sings with JR on another. ♥

This is a live show, so there is yelling in the background. lol

Here are the songs and who they are by originally:
1. Rocketeer- Far East Movement.
2. No Hands- WakaFlocka (I love this one!)
3. Like a Virgin Again- Chris Brown
4. Shut It Down/Fancy Remix- Drake

♥ I love it!

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