Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Was an amazing day.

I got to stay home from work, I mailed the prizes out to my contest winners, and I made my own HOMEMADE alfredo sauce! And it was delicious!

On my wonderful day off I still did a bit of work from home, but I mostly relaxed and enjoyed myself.  I watched some CSI and Law & Order, and then at 8 last night I watched one of my new favorite shows, "Tough Enough". If you've never heard of it Tough Enough is hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin (Oh la la) and he is trying to create the next WWE superstar.  Almost every week they have a guest, who is a WWE superstar stop by and talk to the contestants, last night it was The Rock.

They are down to the bottom three now, Jeremiah, Luke, and Andy.

I want Jeremiah to win.  He is funny, and I really like him.

I hope they send Luke home because he is just a cocky A-Hole that needs to get his butt kicked. I seriously can not stand him.  Sometimes I find myself yelling at him through the TV, that is how much I dislike him.

And I dont really care for either.  I don't even remember his name half the time, he just hasn't made an impression on me.

There were girls in it too, but they have all been sent home already.

And Martin hurt himself a couple weeks ago and the doctor told him he couldn't continue.  He was my other favorite, I wish he hadn't gotten hurt.  I wanted it to be between him and Jeremiah, that way no matter who one I would like them! :-)

I had a good day.

Time to go back to work!
Have a Great day!!!

Oh, and PS!
Romantic Novel readers, my friend has written her first romantic novel!  She was hoping to get some feedback, but not from me.  So, if any of you like romantic novels leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know.  I can have her send you a few snippets. 

Oh and just because I love this song :-) 

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