Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Customized Stickers!

Are you looking to use stickers to promote your blog, business, organization, school, or club? 

If so you should check out .  This is a website that has many quailty options in sizes and types of stickers!  

I received a few stickers to review and they are very well made.  The colors are vibrant and noticeable, and the thickness of the stickers amazed me.  They're not flimsy like most stickers you get.  

These stickers can be used Inside, outside, on vehicles, and anyplace else you want to use them.  They won't peel or fade if used outside which is GREAT! 

With each order you get FREE:
~ Set-up
~ Digital Proofs
~ Artwork and Design
~ Consultive Service 

AND You can get Free Shipping on all First Time Orders!  All you have to do is enter promo code NOSHIPPING at checkout! 

Do you need inexpensive stickers to give out at your next school event, they have stickers on a roll that are inexpensive and the more you buy the cheaper they are.  You will be impressed with the number of shapes to choose from as well.  has MANY stickers you can choose from as well.  You can choose from Bumper Stickers, Labels & Decals, Window Stickers, Outdoor Stickers, Square Stickers, Round Stickers, Oval Stickers, and MANY MORE! 

Check out!


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