Wednesday, July 6, 2011


"I said WHAT DOES MINE SAY?!!?!?!"



lol, I love that movie.  It is so stupid it's funny.

So I'm sitting at work today and I get the hiccups.  Not just little ones either, but big ones that make me sound like Goofy laughing, not a joke.  And do I get help? Nope, I get laughed at. lol. But oh well, I probably would have laughed too.  One of the perils of working in an environment with 3 girls and 13 men. =) 

I'm having a bit of difficulty deciding what song to put up too, I have been in a lot of different moods today, and I've been listening to Gary Allan a lot, but I just did a Gary Allan song. So what should I put up....hmmmmm I wonder.

How was everyones 4th of July?? 
We relaxed, it was a very nice MUCH NEEDED 3 day vacation.  Getting up at 6am and not getting home until 6:30pm is really starting to take its toll on me.  I've got a cold, of maybe it's just my sinuses, but my nose is all runny (I know TMI). But yeah, it was a nice vacation.

This is the song I chose for today. lol.  I LOVE this song.  It makes me giggle =)
And it's somewhat true!

Have a great day everyone!!!

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