Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's almost Friday!


I can't wait, i am going to RELAX this weekend, and I am excited!
Well, I'm going to relax Saturday, Sunday is COUPON DAY!!!! YAY!!!!
I love coupons, clipping and organizing them sometimes takes forever though depending on home many inserts I get. =)

I organize them in my pretty pink binder, I use the baseball card inserts, sometimes they're a pain because you have to fold them to fit, but whatever.  I also have sections, and I organize them by expiration date. =)  it takes a while but I love it, it makes it so much easier if I'm in the store and see something I want and I have a coupon for I can just flip to the section it's in.

I also use the internet printable ones.  I use one of the expandable folders to organize and store those, because they are just to big to fold and put in my baseball card inserts. =)

It also makes it easier to plan my trips, I go through all the ads of the stores I want to go to, check the sales, matchup my coupons and make my lists.  It makes it SO much easier.

If you use coupons:
How do you organize yours?
Do you devote one day to clipping and organizing?
How do you plan your shopping trip?

If you want to use coupons and don't know where to get started I can give a few pointers, just let me know with a comment below! =)

One more thing:

I love this song.

Have a great day everyone!!

Miss Imperfect

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  1. Stopped by just to say hello. I already checked all the ways I can follow and I am on it! So, just a quick socially hi and have a great day and even better week!