Monday, June 27, 2011

Little Sparrow Logos & More

So I was chosen to review Little Sparrow Logos & More and all I can say is that it is AMAZING.

The first thing I did was check out the Photo Gallery which has samples of business cards, watermarks for photos, birth announcements, invitations, custom logos and more! All of the designs are very nice and pretty, there are some done with a lot of color and some with not much color.  And you can customize them any way you want.

I found a sample of a business card that I absolutely LOVE and I wanted to see how it would like so I chose that.  It is a very nice design and I love the fonts and the colors.  You can also have one custom made instead of picking from the samples. 

The ordering was SO simple.  Normally when you order something (or at least when I order something) it takes me 20 minutes just to get through the ordering process! But this was very simple, there is an order form for each separate item you can order that also gives the prices.  The order form was very simple and you get to specify if you have found a design that you like or if you would like to design your own, you get to choose your fonts, your colors, and the information you would like on it!

After submitting the order form I received my proof, I got to make sure it was how I wanted it, and if all the information was correct (it was) and it is GORGEOUS! 

I LOVE IT! I chose to stick with the same fonts and colors because that is what I wanted, I love the pink and black and I think the fonts are very nice and create some contrast. 

And the customer service? It was GREAT! She was very sweet and amazingly fast.  

This was a VERY great experience for me! I will definitely be going back when I need more cards. =) 

If you're in the market for logos or business cards or anything you should check out Little Sparrow Logos & More!

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