Monday, January 23, 2012

WHO do I vote for!?!?

Good Morning!

How are you doing today??

I'm doing pretty well, a little tired, but that's why I have my huge cup of coffee sitting next to me. =)

Ok so many of you know I am a huge music fan. I like almost all kinds of music, it's kind of like an addiction. So the voting for the 2012 ACM Awards New Artist of the year is up, and I am having a Dilemma! TWO of my FAVORITE artists are in it! Brantley Gilbert and Hunter Hayes. I just don't know who to vote for!

They are both great Artists in my opinion, they both write their own songs, both play instruments, and both have great voices. I love them both, So I am just stuck. I have the voting page up on my computer right now, and I just CAN'T DECIDE!!

Booooo. I guess I'll just have to think on it a bit more.

Now if you have never heard of these two you should really check them out!

Brantley Gilbert has had a few songs that you may have heard if you're a country music fan, like "Country Must be Country Wide" and his newest single, "You don't Know her Like I do" Both are great songs, but I they are not his only two. I like all of his music. Oh and a little Fun Fact: Brantley wrote Jason Aldeans hits "Dirt Road Anthem" and "My Kinda Party". (Dirt Road Anthem was actually a duet with Colt Ford doing the rapping before Jason sang it.)
Here are to of my favorite BG songs. =)

Kick it in the Sticks in just an amazing song. It gets me pumped when I hear it. lol. It just makes me happy. =) It does have a Rock Feel to it, but I love it.

"Take it Easy Baby I'm Still Broken, Memories Enough to Tear Me Wide Open.

Now Hunter Hayes is Also Amazing! Once again if you're a country fan and you listen to your local country music station I can almost Guarantee you have heard his song "Storm Warning" Hunter is SO talented. Did you know.... Hunter played all of the instruments in that song?? He has a great voice. Just so amazing.  Now Storm Warning is his only song that I have heard on the radio around me, but it may be different where you live, but anyway!

Here is Storm Warning. Such a good song, it also makes me smile!

Now this song is called "Wanted" I love this song.  If a guy sung this to me I would probably melt, I would be swept off my feet. Ladies, give it a listen and you will understand why. This IS live and Acoustic, it is my favorite, if you want to hear the album version you can find it on youtube. =)

Alright! I think I have made my decision!!! =)

So my question for you is............
Have you voted?!
If you did, who did you vote for? (you don't have to tell if you don't want to.)

Well Everyone! Have a Great Day!!!

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